In this episode, Joe Mariconda (Engineering; Registered patent agent) gives us a broad and macro glance at patents and IP protection.

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Meditation resources:
The Healing Path of Prayer: A Modern Mystic's Guide to Spiritual Power
by Ron Roth (Author), Peter Occhiogrosso (Author), Caroline Myss (Foreword)
Prayer Is Good Medicine: How to Reap the Healing Benefits of Prayer
by Larry Dossey M.D
Attached is an article published by the US National Library of Medicine (National Institutes of Health). This is a conventional medicine organization that acts as a lead research team for medical practices (based in USA). they get funded by US government. 
From what I understand and have read in various research papers and books written by medical doctors, the state of the mind of the patient (the person receiving prayer) is an extremely important factor or aspect of the healing process (it is not the end all and be all factor, but it is a very important factor). 
Meditation, Prayer and Spiritual Healing: The Evidence
From the article:
Spiritual Education
Today, 101 medical schools incorporate patient spirituality in their curriculum, up from 17 in 1995. This fact suggests that these principles are being incorporated into medical education, albeit at an elective level. Some hospitals such as UCLA Medical Center encourage physicians to include spiritual histories in patients' charts. This acknowledges that in fact these kinds of principles are being incorporated into mainstream medicine. Harold G Koenig, MD, who works at Duke University, recommends that physicians ask every patient if they consider themselves spiritual or religious. Doctors should encourage prayer and religious participation if that is a source of comfort. 
Religion has the power to heal, and we have an obligation to value that power alongside medicine.

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