Jennifer graduated on the Dean's List from the MBA program at the Rotman School of Management and holds an M.Ed. in Workplace Learning and Change from OISE at the University of Toronto.
She was the "poet" at MBA school, the "capitalist" at the education faculty, the arts graduate in the IT industry (e.g. Microsoft, Motorola Solutions), and the businessperson in politics. Most recently Jennifer has been the business lead at a quantum computing startup.
Principal at Fathom Insight Management and Advisor/Co-founder at QSpice Labs.
Fathom Insight Management is her consulting practice that specializes in strategic planning, market analysis and competitive intelligence for the IT sector. QSpice Labs (a division of Aurora Quantum Technologies) is a quantum engineering company that aims to secure the quantum internet and build a fundamentally new type of quantum computer that harnesses noise as a resource instead of a liability, making it thousands of times more powerful than existing designs.
Some of Jennifer's recommendations and knowledge resources:

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